Rowan University - The College of Engineering

Rowan University - The College of Engineering

CEE Advising

Meet with an advisor at least once a semester (more if you want). Your advisors can help you select courses, make career decisions and find academic support.

CEE Freshmen should meet with the Freshman Advisor for help with course scheduling and registration, as well as minors and academic support (Rowan Hall Room 106, The Freshman Advisor and College Program Advisor are one and the same. Check out the Freshmen advising website here, and the College advising website here.

CEE Freshmen who need information specific to CEE--e.g., career information--should see their CEE advisor.

Sophomores and above should see their CEE advisor for ALL help, including course scheduling.

Use GRAD (in Banner) to find your CEE advisor. If you cannot find them there, contact Andrea Bramblett in the 110 CEE Administrative Suite, located at Rowan Hall ( Get your CEE advisor's office location here.