Rowan EWB - Camden Irrigation Project

Rowan EWB - Camden Irrigation Project

Irrigation Project

Our Mission

The Rowan University Engineers Without Borders (EWB) club partners with the Camden Foundation for Environmental Transformation (CFET) to sustainably deliver water to three of their urban gardens. The EWB Camden team plans to install drip irrigation in three of their gardens so the CFET can grow fruits and vegetables in urban-Camden and sell the produce at local farmers markets.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is localized irrigation that delivers water through piping directly above or below plants so as to converse water. The water drips onto the plants or roots through holes in plastic pipes that are on a timer which controls the duration of the water flow.

Site 1: The Greenhouse and Garden

Inside the Greenhouse
View of Outside of the Greenhouse

The first site in Camden is the Greenhouse and Garden site, where potted plants are grown and nurtured in the greenhouse and later planted in one of the three gardens. Next to the greenhouse is a garden that serves primarily to grow vegetables. This site’s drip irrigation was completed in Spring 2014.

Site 2: The Vegetable Garden

Second Site

The second site in Camden is the Vegetable Garden, which is the largest of the three sites Rowan EWB oversees. This garden has over 10 boxes containing 3 to 4 beds each. This garden grows the most produce out of all the three sites and is not yet completed.

Site 3: The Fruit Trees Garden

Site 3

The third site in Camden is the Fruit Trees site and only contains fruit bearing trees that were planted in Spring 2014. This site is not completed and is projected to have irrigation installed by Spring 2015.