Vinayak Ranjan, Ph.D.

Vinayak Ranjan, Ph.D.

Vinayak Ranjan, Ph.D.
3/4 Time Faculty

Vinayak Ranjan, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering

Contact Info
Rowan Hall 231



Personal Gender Pronoun: He/Him/His

BS - Mechanical Engineering, Bihar University, India
Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India

Research Expertise: 

  • Vibro- acoustics behaviour of structures:
    • finite element modelling
    • dynamic stiffness method
    • Wittrick-Williams algorithm
    • functionally graded materials modelling
    • plate with piezo patches for energy harvesting
    • crack modelling
    • acoustic radiation behavior
    • Rayleigh Integral method
    • structural assessment & design optimization of underground Loader
    • vibration analysis of structures on elastic foundation  
  • Material’s characterisation:
    • friction and Wear Performance
    • fatigue analysis
    • high Strain Rate Characterization of Materials
    • shear thickening fluid behaviours under impact load
  • Railway Engineering:
    • wheel rail contact modelling for stress, vibration and wear under friction-induced thermal load
    • under varied wheel slip conditions.
    • rolling contact fatigue life of rail for different slip conditions
    • track modelling for vibration and noise
  • Aero Engineering:
    • burst Strength Analysis of Gas Turbine Disc
    • critical Stresses on a Gas Turbine Disc
    • stress analysis of disc blade assembly region of an aero engine with Finite element method
  • Human motion Modelling:
    • Gait analysis-Kinematic and kinetic human motion analysis of different mechanical knee joints for trans femoral amputees
    • Design and analysis of prosthesis and sockets for transtibial and trans femoral amputees
    • Measurement of spine parameters with surface topography techniques
    • Design and analysis of flame proof structure:
    • Experimental investigation of explosion parameters for mining applications
  • Engineering Education:
    • Measurement and assessment of Academic Achievement using Inquiry Training Model

Recent Publications:

Md Imran Ali, Mohammad Sikandar Azam, Vinayak Ranjan, Ranjan Banerjee, “Free vibration of sigmoid functionally graded plates using the dynamic stiffness method and the Wittrick-Williams algorithm”, (2020) Computers and structures, 244 (2021) 106424

Ranjan Kumar, Vinayak Ranjan, Saikat Chaterjee, and Sanjoy K. Ghoshal, Mode Shape Based Approach to Identify the Location of Crack and the Influence of Crack on Critical Speed of Gas Turbine Disc, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Fracture, Fatigue and Wear, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering,(2021)

Pawan Mishra, Sachin Kumar Singh, Vinayak Ranjan, Sonu Singh, Anuradha Pandey, Himank Sharma, “Measurement of spine parameters and possible scoliosis cases with surface topography Techniques: A case study with young Indian males”, Measurement 161 (2020) 107872

Manish Kumar, Vinayak Ranjan, Rajnesh Tyagi, “Effect of Shape, Density, and an Array of Dimples on the Friction and Wear Performance of Laser Textured Bearing Steel under Dry Sliding”, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, DOI 10.1007/s11665-020-04816-8 (2020)

Alexander Czakó , Kamil Řehák , Aleš Prokop , Vinayak Ranjan, “Determination of static transmission error of helical gears using finite element analysis”. Journal of Measurements in Engineering, (2020) doi