Software List

Software List

Engineering Software

   Below is a table of Engineering software most commonly used by the various departments. The software packages can be found installed in either the computer Open lab or the specialty labs.

The table also shows which software can be run directly from Rowan Cloud (without installation, from anywhere and on anyplatform).

A select group of applications is available as individual downloads for installation on student laptops:

  - For directions on how to download and install Matlab, Solidworks, Autocad, Labview, Aspen and Comsol, go to:


  - For ArcGIS: Go To:  \\\common\Geography\GIS\Software\Current Versions\ArcGIS Software\Desktop


A listing of the department that use the software most often is shown for reference albeit some packages are used by several department.


Software Name In Open Lab or Dept. Lab On Cloud Download Download Site Department
ADS 2016 yes       ECE
Altium Designer 16 yes       ECE
Apile 2015 yes       CivE
Ansys-Maxwell yes       ECE
ArcGIS 10.4 yes   yes See directions above CivE
Aspen V10 yes Yes     ChemE
AutoCad 2018 yes Yes yes See directions above MechE
CCM+ 11.02 yes Yes     MechE
Comsol v53 yes Yes yes See directions above MechE
DIPPR yes       ChemE
EES v2016/2017 yes Yes     MechE
ENVI/IDL yes       CivE
Genesys 2015 yes       ECE
Group 2016 yes       CivE
Labview 2017 yes Yes yes See directions above All
MatLab 2017A yes Yes yes See directions above All
Pavement yes       CivE
Polymath v6.2 yes Yes     ChemE
Pywall 2015 yes       CivE
Risa 3d v14 yes Yes     CivE
Risa Floor v10 yes Yes     CivE
Risa Foundation v8 yes Yes     CivE
SimaPro v8.2 yes Yes     ChemE
Solidworks 2017-2018 yes Yes yes   MechE
Statgraphics yes Yes     ChemE
Synchro yes       CivE
Vissim yes       CivE
Vissum yes       CivE
Vistro yes       CivE