PhD position in Soft Matter Nanomaterial Engineering

PhD position in Soft Matter Nanomaterial Engineering

PhD position in Soft Matter Nanomaterial Engineering

February 25, 2018

Nanostructured materials find important applications in catalysis, separations and sustainable energy production. We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate who enjoys working on a challenging project in a friendly and collaborative environment.

The research project investigates nanostructured bijels for sustainable synthesis of mass produced chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, biofuels and detergents. Traditionally, chemical synthesis of these compounds employs organic solvents, resulting in high energy costs for product separation and environmental problems due to the generation of hazardous waste. Nanostructured bijels are innovative materials with strong potentials for environmentally friendly chemical processes.

The experimental research project focuses on designing bijels with tailored structural, mechanical and transport properties by chemical, photolithographic and microfluidic techniques. Quantitative laboratory techniques such as 3D confocal microscopy, high speed video imaging, spectroscopy, surface charge measurements and nanoparticle size analysis will be employed.

The candidate should have a background in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics or material science. Systematic, creative and independent working skills are required. Moreover, a problem-solving mindset and an excitement for fundamental questions are important.

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