Minors and CUGS

Minors and CUGS

Minors and CUGS

As a CEE student, you have access to a wide variety of specializations (Minors and Certificates of Undergraduate Studies - CUGS).

A Minor (traditionally 18-24 credit hours) is a focused area of study associated with, or drawn from, a major or discipline, or may include courses from multiple programs in different departments or colleges.

A Certificate of Undergraduate Study (traditionally 12-17 credit hours) provides credentialing for students completing a coherent and definable four-course area of study.

Speak with your advisor if you are interested in pursuing any of these specializations.

Some common minors and CUGS pursued by CEE students are listed below.

College of Engineering

College of Science and Mathematics


 The following is a complete list of minors and CUGS offered at various colleges at Rowan Univserity