Minors and CUGS

Minors and CUGS

Minors and CUGS

As a CEE student, you have access to a wide variety of specializations (Minors and Certificates of Undergraduate Studies - CUGS).

A Minor (traditionally 18-24 credit hours) is a focused area of study associated with, or drawn from, a major or discipline, or may include courses from multiple programs in different departments or colleges.

A Certificate of Undergraduate Study (traditionally 12-17 credit hours) provides credentialing for students completing a coherent and definable four-course area of study.

Speak with your advisor if you are interested in pursuing any of these specializations.

The CEE department currently offers four CUGS in the following specialization areas:

Some common minors and CUGS pursued by CEE students are listed below.

College of Engineering

College of Science and Mathematics


 Click here for a complete list of minors and CUGS offered at various colleges at Rowan University.