CEE Electives

CEE Electives

CEE Electives

The CEE department offers courses in five major areas: Structural, Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation, and Water Resources engineering.

CEE students select 4 CEE electives in their senior year. You must take at least one course each in two of the three following areas: transportation, geotechnical, and water resources. This implies the following choices:

a. Water Resources and Transportation

b. Water Resources and Geotechnical

c. Geotechnical and Transportation 

You can select two other electives of your choice. There is a list of available CEE electives below.


The following two CEE courses may NOT be taken as CEE electives, but CAN count as your technical elective: Sustainable Buildings (CEE 08.437) and Sustainable Technologies for the Built Environment (08.436).

Course # Structural Course # Environmental
08.473 Advanced Structural Analysis 08.412 Environmental Treatment Processes and Principles
08.474 Structural Mechanics 08.413 Introduction to Environmental Management
08.475 Fatigue and Fracture 08.422 Site Remediation Engineering Principles
08.481 Reinforced Concrete Design 08.431 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
08.484 Pre-stressed Concrete 08.432 Pollutant Fate and Transport Principles
08.485 Advanced Refined Concrete 08.433 Principles of Integrated Solid Waste Management

Bridge Engineering

08.487 Design Masonry and Wood Structures    
Course # Water Resources Course # Transportation
08.443 Advanced Water Resources Engineering 08.463 Transportation Planning & Demand and Data Analysis

Principles of Hydraulic Design

08.464 Elements of Transportation Engineering
08.445 Principles of Environmental Fluid Mechanics 08.465 Pavement Analysis and Evaluation

River Engineering Principles


Watershed Engineering Principles



Course # Geotechnical  
08.452 Foundation Engineering  
08.453 Earth Retaining Systems