Prospective & Transfer Students

Prospective & Transfer Students

Prospective and Transfer Students

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc., (ABET) is the agency that accredits engineer-ing programs. There are over 3000 programs accredited by ABET at over 600 universities and colleges in over 20 countries. That is a long list! Where do you go?

Well, if you are interested in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering, your list is now down to about 300, but that too is a long list. At Rowan ECE, we believe that today's technological developments make the boundary between electrical and computer engineering increasingly fuzzy, as even the most traditional electrical engineering fields - such as power systems - are now run by fully computerized, complex em-bedded systems. Therefore, the benefit of a combined electrical and computer engineering degree - along with the skills that encompass both of these once distinct fields - in becoming marketable and successful in today's competitive engineering job market can be hardly overstated.

If you look at the programs that are accredited by ABET as a combined ECE degree - meaning that these programs meet the accreditation requirements of both electrical and computer engineering degrees - then your list is now down to about 15 programs. And, among those, if you are looking at programs that provide project-based hands-on learning, with industry supported real-world projects, offered by a dedicated group of faculty in small class sizes, well your list has just become much, much shorter, if not down to a list of one program: Rowan's Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Look around these pages to find out more about the Rowan ECE program: Using the navigation menu on the left, under Academics, or using the links below, you will find:

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But the information on a web page can go only so far. To find out more about our program, come and visit us, either at one of our regularly scheduled tours and open houses or simply talking to one of our faculty members. If you wish, we can even arrange you to sit in a class.

Transfer Students

Due to the popularity of our program, the number of seats available for transferring into Rowan ECE program is very small. Therefore, we can only accept a small number of transfer students each year, and the large number of applicants make this a very selective process.

If you are interested in transferrin into Rowan ECE, either from another school or from an-other program at Rowan, start first by reading the official Rowan Engineering College Transfer Policy, and make sure that you meet all the minimum requirements. Note that these are minimum requirements. For example, while the minimum required overall GPA is 3.0, the actual GPA of the students we have accepted as transfer students is usually much higher.

Also note that the normal transfer process requires that a student take 3 additional years at Rowan to graduate.

To find out if - and which - classes you have already taken will transfer , please see the Rowan Course Equivalents page. These pages are useful to determine the Rowan equiva-lent courses. Note that there is no equivalent for Mathematics for Engineering Analysis II , and hence all transfer students will be required to take this class.

5 year plan (2 years at alternate institution and 3 years at Rowan) [Excel Spreadsheet] [PDF]
This is the traditional plan that most transfer students have followed.

Minor In Electrical & Computer Engineering

An ECE minor represents an excellent opportunity for students in other technical and scientific majors to expand their knowledge and employment opportunities. The ECE minor provides undergraduate students from mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, and the other engineering disciplines the required background to broaden their scientific and engineering knowledge in ECE, as well as for pursuing graduate work in ECE at Rowan or elsewhere.

See Requirements for the Minor for additional details.