Undergraduate Program & Curriculum

Undergraduate Program & Curriculum

B.S. In Electrical and Computer Engineering

The ECE Program provides a strategic balance of depth and breadth in topics ap-propriate to the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering as articulated by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) in their program criteria developed with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET: www.abet.org). Our program provides a foundation of mathematics, sciences, and the humanities, combined with engineering topics. However, what sets Rowan ECE program apart is its hands-on, real world project-based technical curriculum, where every class includes laboratory component, with its hallmark Engineering Clinics.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Curriculum:

The BS in ECE program consists of 128 credit, and consists of the following com-ponents:

  • 22 credits of Engineering Clinics for project-based design and entrepre-neurial clinic consultant experience
  • 16 credits of Math core + 22 credits of physical, engineering and computer sciences
  • 18 credits of general education
  • 50 credits of ECE core and electives

For detailed curriculum, see the following:

  • ECE Curriculum in Detail
    • No document is looked at more by our students than this one. It will stay with you for 4 years.
  • ECE Curriculum Flowchart
    • Same curriculum information, but for those who prefer a visual repre-sentation: our handy dandy cheerful curriculum flowchart - color coded, no less!
  • Advising and Progress Check Sheet
    • The advising and progress check sheet essentially provides the same curriculum information, but also allows you to track your progress through the curriculum. This is the sheet used by faculty advisors.

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Special Registration Requests:

If you are unable to register for a class you wish to enroll, please use the Registration Request Form to request assistance. You may use this form, for example, to request special permission to register for a class that is full, or for a class for which you do not have the pre-requisite, but you believe you have the necessary background to be successful. Make sure to provide reason and justification for your request in the "Additional Information" box.

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Combined BS In Engineering/MBA Program:

Engineering students who plan to pursue a career in business should consider the combined degree program for obtaining a BS in Engineering and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Students wishing to pursue the combined BS/MBA degree have several options, and may be able to complete the MBA pro-gram in one year and one summer, depending on when the student wants to start the program.

Completion of foundation courses: Applicants to the MBA program must have completed appropriate courses in mathematics, economics and various business areas. Some of these courses can be taken as part of the undergraduate engi-neering coursework while others can be taken during summers. Planning is the key: Once admitted into the Combined Program, students are assigned an advisor from the College of Engineering to assist them in designing a program of study to meet their needs. In the senior year, an additional advisor is assigned from MBA program.

BS in Engineering/MBA Guidelines

  • Students who wish to enter the program during the freshman year should noti-fy the Associate Dean of Engineering by March 1 of the year they wish to begin the program.
  • Engineering students can be conditionally admitted to the MBA program as incoming freshman or at any time during their undergraduate programs.

Formal acceptance is granted after they meet all the standard MBA admissions requirements, which are:

  1. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5
  2. A minimum Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 450.
  3. A total of at least 1050 points based on the following formula: (GPA * 200) + GMAT score > 1050. An additional 100 points can be awarded for approved man-agerial work experience.
  4. Completion of required foundation courses before starting the MBA Program.
  • The engineering degree is granted upon completing all requirements at the end of senior year.
  • The MBA degree is granted upon completing all requirements with a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the MBA courses (the work toward the MBA degree can be pursed as a part-time or full-time student).

Interested students should contact the Associate Dean of Engineering at 856-256-5300

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Minor in Computer Science for ECEs:

The requirements for the Computer Science Minor can be found at the following website:


Minor in Math for ECEs:

The requirements for the Math Minor can be found at the following website:


The Math Department specifically lists the requirements for engineering majors.

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Concentration in Systems Engineering

The ECE department offers a concentration in Systems Engineering. Students can typically complete a concentration by taking three additional classes.

  • ECE 09.421 Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • MKT 09.375 Business Logistics
  • CS 06.390 Introduction to Systems Simulation and Modeling

This concentration is designed in collaboration with industry experts, and its flag-ship course, Introduction to Systems Engineering is regularly taught by experi-enced high-level systems engineers and executives in major area engineering companies to provide the unique industry perspective.

For additional details and complete information, please see Systems Engineering Concentration Guidelines.

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Specialization in Biomedical Engineering

The ECE department also offers a specialization in Biomedical Engineering. In order to complete the Specialization in Biomedical Engineering

  • Take two approved core science classes outside of the engineering curriculum, at least one of which should be selected from:
    • BIOL 01.210 Biological Systems and Applications
    • BIOL 01.100 Biology I
  • Take minimum of 8 credits (two lab courses) from an approved list of Biological Science Electives, such as courses from the Anatomy / Physiology abnk or from the Cellular, Molecular Biology bank of the Biology program.
  • No fewer than 4, no more than 8 credits of Junior / Senior clinic must come from BME related projects
  • Take at least one elective (3 credits) from an approved list of BME related ECE electives. The list currently includes
    • CE 09.404 Principles of Biomedical Systems and Devices
    • ECE 09.466 Systems, Devices and Algorithms in Bioinformatics

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Minor in Electrical & Computer Engineering

An ECE minor represents an excellent opportunity for students in other technical and scientific majors to expand their knowledge and employment opportunities. The ECE minor provides undergraduate students from mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, and the other engineering disciplines the required background to broaden their scientific and engineering knowledge in ECE, as well as for pursuing graduate work in ECE at Rowan or elsewhere.

See Requirements for the Minor for additional details.

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