Freshmen Clinic

Freshmen Clinic

Freshman Engineering Clinic I & II

Freshman Engineering Clinic - I

Taken during the fall semester of the Freshman year, this course introduces the students to fundamentals of engineering measurement. Students hit the labs on day 1 and learn how to use a variety of advanced test and measurement equipment, how to acquire, analyze, and present data obtained from these measurements. The class is truly interdisciplinary as students from all four engineering disciplines are mixed in this class.

Freshman Engineering Clinic - II

Taken during the Spring semester of the Freshman year, this class is the tinkerer’s dream come true! If you were always interested in opening up those de-vices to see what is in them and how they work, you will love this class. The class introduces the fundamentals of reverse engineering and competitive assessment, figuring out how things work by, well, gutting them out and finding out what is in there, then rigorously comparing rival de-signs against each other with respect to functionality, cost, user-friendliness, etc. All out fun!