Freshman Engineering Clinic and Sustainability Labs

Freshman Engineering Clinic and Sustainability Labs

Freshman Engineering Clinic and Sustainability Labs

 The Freshman Engineering Clinic (FEC) Labs are designed for highly interactive and intimate class discussions and activities with 6 lab benches seating 4 students each. The room is outfitted with two smartboard monitors and an accompanying sounds system to bring the latest in teaching resources to the classroom. Rapid prototyping is just at the finger tips with Ultimaker 3D printers and 3D scanners available in each lab. More project support is available with dedicated Engineering Technician offices and resource centers. Popular projects include: product reverse engineering, design for the other 90%, universal design, clean energy production and sustainable home design.

The S-Lab is a living laboratory that provides the opportunity for students to learn about sustainable design through experiential activities in their classroom.  The S-lab is the technical hub of an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable design education and is housed in the Freshman Clinic Labs 140 and 141.

 Which courses will use the S-Lab?

Students in Freshman and Sophomore Engineering Clinics will use the S-lab in hands-on projects related to energy and sustainability. 

The S-Lab facilities will also be available to students in disciplinary engineering courses throughout the curricula as well as students participating in our pre-engineering programs.

 What are the features of the S-Lab?

  • The S-Lab meters, monitors and displays building-wide environmental data
  • The S-Lab allows students to engage with interactive site and building-wide systems
  • The S-Lab allows provides analogous control and metering of two rooms for comparative results
  • The S-Lab features interactive display, monitoring and control for remote demonstrations

What variables are monitored and controlled in the S-Lab?

  • Airflow
  • Temperature profiles
  • Humidity
  • Energy consumption
  • CO2
  • Daylight harvesting / automated lighting & window shade controls
  • Various lighting types such as LED, T-8, Super T-8’s
  • Dimmable lights by bank or position
  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Active chilled beam monitoring