Cheryl Bodnar

Cheryl Bodnar

Cheryl Bodnar

Assistant Professor

Cheryl Bodnar


  • Dr. Bodnar is an Assistant Professor in the Experiential Engineering Education Department at Rowan University. Prior to coming to Rowan she worked as a non-tenure teaching assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh in the Chemical Engineering Department. Her research interests relate to the incorporation of active learning techniques such as game-based learning in undergraduate classes as well as integration of innovation and entrepreneurship into the engineering curriculum. In particular, she is interested in the impact that these tools can have on student perception of the classroom environment, motivation and learning outcomes. She was selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium in 2013, awarded the American Society for Engineering Education Educational Research Methods Faculty Apprentice Award in 2014 and the Raymond W. Fahien Award for Outstanding Teaching Effectiveness and Educational Scholarship presented by American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Chemical Engineering Division in 2017.


  • Freshman Engineering Clinic II
  • Sophomore Engineering Clinic I
  • Junior Engineering Clinic
  • Senior Engineering Clinic


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