Frequently Asked Questions

I have an advising question, who do I ask?

Your academic advisor is listed in Banner under your student profile, email this advisor for questions regarding your Mechanical Engineering curriculum.

If you are a freshman (first year student), your advisor is Mrs. Perez-Colon email Perezcolon@rowan.edu

If you are a transfer student, your advisor is Dr. Smitesh Bakrania email Bakrania@rowan.edu

My academic advisor wasn’t able to fully help, or I have an unusual issue that still needs to be resolved, where do I go?

Contact Prof. Melanie Amadoro, Undergraduate Program Coordinator at amadoro@rowan.edu

 A course section I need is full, who do I contact?

Contact the instructor for the course and ask for a capacity waiver. It is always helpful to share your Banner ID number and the course CRN number. Note that if the course has reached room capacity the instructor cannot give you a capacity waiver due to fire code restrictions for that classroom. You can check this in the Section Tally before you make the request.

I need a waiver for a course outside of Mechanical Engineering (Freshman Engineering Clinic, Sophomore Engineering Clinic, Comp, etc.), who do I contact?

You will need to contact the instructor for the course, or the department that is teaching the course. For a waiver into FEC and SEC, email engr-reg@rowan.edu and provide your Banner ID and course CRN. If you need a pre-requisite waiver, email your advisor first.

I was given a waiver, what do I do now?

After you are given a waiver, you are still required to register for the class. Do this as soon as possible after receiving your waiver. You will receive an email from the registrar when your waiver is entered.

When should I register for my classes?

Register as early in the morning as possible on the day that registration opens for you. The Banner registration system is open from 7 am -11 pm.

What is DegreeWorks/GRAD and how can it help me?

DegreeWorks/GRAD is a software program that you can use to track your progress in your curriculum at Rowan University. It is to be used as a guide that shows you what courses you should be taking each term, as well as what courses you have completed or still need to complete. You can find DegreeWorks/GRAD in Banner.

How do I know if I am on track with my curriculum?

Students should refer to the curriculum guide that is posted on the Mechanical Engineering website to choose their courses and use GRAD to keep track of their progress. GRAD is only a tracking tool however, so students need to be cross-checking with their curriculum requirements to be sure that all courses are being covered. Any questions should be brought to your advisor. Students are responsible to ensure that they are taking the necessary courses each semester.