General Program Policies

General Program Policies

General Program Policies on Advisement

All students are required to meet with their advisors a minimum of two times each semester: once at the start of the semester, and once again approximately half-way through the semester. The purpose of the first meeting is to review the student's progress or plan of progress (for freshmen) through the program, and, for new students to Rowan University or the ME Program, to advise the student of University policies and requirements for satisfactory progression through and graduation from the ME Program. The second mandatory meeting between student and advisor occurs just prior to the registration period for the following semester, and serves the main purposes of registration policy advisement and course selection. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisors on an as-needed basis throughout each semester.

For all students except freshmen, meetings between advisor and student will occur in a one-on-one session, generally in the advisor's office. For freshmen, all four meetings (two in each semester, once at the start and once at the midpoint through the semester) will be conducted as a group, with all ME freshmen and ME faculty in attendance. In addition to the advisement activities described above, the meetings will serve to acquaint freshmen students with the ME faculty.

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