Shop Resources

Shop Resources

Mechanical Engineering Shop Facilities

The Mechanical Engineering Shops are specially designed spaces to facilitate hands-on learning through class projects, engineering clinics, and research support. The facilities enable our students to implent the "Design. Build. Test." life cycle used in engineering projects. Shop operations are monitored by two technicians and a team of student lab assistants to maintain a safe, clean working environment.

Model Shop

The Model Shop contains essential woodworking equipment, basic metalworking equipment, and a CNC waterjet. The Model Shop also offers storage space for student projects.

Welding Shop

The small Welding Shop offers TIG, MIG, and stick welding capabilities. The Welding Shop also has a glass beading cabinet for weld preparation and a horizontal bandsaw for rough stock preparation.

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop houses a CNC mill and lathe as well as metrology equipment for part inspection.