Engineering Seminar Series

Engineering Seminar Series

Friday, Nov. 16 Limits to growth & global susitainability of food-water engergy 

Dr. Urmila Diwekar

Rowan Hall Auditorium 

Thursday, Oct. 25 Study of tribology and its application in design of mechanical systems is complex

Dr. Said Jahanmir

Rowan Auditorium 

Thursday, Sept. 20 Harnessing Interfacial Phenomena to Manufacture Nanocomposie Films and Capsules Dr. Daeyeon Lee

Room change: Rowan Hall, Auditorium, Room 117

Friday, Sept. 21 Environmental Fluid Mechanics to Address Oil Spills from the Micron Scale to the Meter Scale Dr. Michael Boufadel

Dean's Conference Room (Rowan Hall Ext. 348)

Thursday, Oct. 4  Emerging Organ Models and Organ Printing for Regenerative Medicine  Dr. Ali Khademhosseini

Plfeeger Concert Hall in Wilson Hall