How We Do Things

How We Do Things

How We Do Things

DEHub @ Rowan University - Big Picture

We created and constantly revamping an integrated space at the heart of Rowan University’s Main Campus in Glassboro NJ. Our research, services, workforce and economic development efforts as well as our teaching and training are based on a lab that includes cutting edge equipment and resources in the areas of digital manufacturing and mechanical behavior testing and characterization which align with Dr. Kontsos’ core academic expertise. In addition, we leverage computing at both edge and cloud environments to perform diagnostics and prognostics as well as decision making, which align with both Dr. Mack’s long industry career and Dr. Kontsos’ fundamental and applied research. Together, these two areas create an integrated continuum through which our expertise in designing, making, characterizing, testing, simulating and using materials meets our strengths in embedded sensing, signal processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. Of particular interest are the existence of Rowan’s all-metal additive manufacturing machines in this space, as well as the use of nondestructive evaluation (acoustic emission, digital image correlation, infrared thermography) methods.

DEHub workflow example
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Fundamental & Applied Research

Connecting the physical and digital domains via data streams that bring information sensed and/or computed into a modeling and simulation enterprise environment.

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Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering in DEHub @Rowan includes a spectrum of existing and emerging tools including model based engineering, digital manufacturing, and digital twin development.

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Partnerships, Mindset Building, & Engagement

The DEHub@Rowan strives to build long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships across industry, government, academia, and the community.