Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd)

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Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd)

Experiential Engineering Education Department (ExEEd)

ExEEd is home to the engineering entrepreneurship major, first and second-year engineering clinics, and engineering education research.

Engineering Entrepreneurship majors combine strong technical skills in engineering design and computation with key business skills from marketing to business model generation. Our graduates innovate in existing companies or create their own.

Engineering Clinic is a hallmark of Rowan Engineering. Students take a Clinic in each of their eight semesters at Rowan. First-year clinics focus on engineering’s place in society and fundamental engineering skills. In second-year clinics, students hone communication and project management skills by working on design projects. In the third and fourth years, students work in small teams on real world projects. Throughout, clinic classes are Hands-on Minds-on. ExEEd is responsible for first and second-year Engineering Clinic, helping prepare students for junior and senior clinics.

ExEEd faculty conduct research in areas related to pedagogy and engineering education.