BS in Engineering Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Engineering Entrepreneurship has two tracks: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Students must choose one track to pursue. Completion of the curriculum can result in a minor in Electrical & Computer or Mechanical Engineering, assuming the student has applied to earn the minor and completed the coursework as specified by the minor-granting department.

There are currently two approved curriculum plans for the two tracks depending upon the year of start in your program.  One curriculum plan applies to any students that started before Fall 2020 (128 Cr) and the second applies to all students starting in Fall 2020 or later (120 Cr).

Below are the current curriculum plans for the two tracks.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Curriculum Plan for start Fall 2020 and later (120 Cr) Engineering Entrepreneurship Curriculum Plan for start before Fall 2020 (128 Cr) University Requirements

The Rowan Core is the University's general education model. It is based on six literacies and Rowan Experience (see below), which reflect contemporary priorities while maintaining a strong liberal arts foundation. Some literacies are incorporated in your major-specific courses. Others you will fulfill by taking elective courses in the required literacy.

Rowan Core-Literacies Fulfilled by:
   Artistic (ARTL)    Elective
   Global (GLBL)    Elective
   Humanistic (HUML)    Elective
   Communicative (COML)    Comp I, Sophomore Clinic I and II
   Quantitative (QNTL)    Calculus I
   Scientific (SCIL)

   ME: Chemistry I 

   ECE: Introductory Mechanics I

Rowan Experience Fulfilled by:
   Rowan Seminar (RS)    First-Year Clinic
   Writing Intensive (WI)    Senior Clinic
   Broad-based lit. (LIT)    Literature-designated Elective