Laptop Requirement

Laptop Requirement

Laptop Requirement

The Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering requires all incoming students to bring a laptop to campus.  The College recommends the Lenovo ThinkPad T490s, with the minimum specifications listed below; other laptops must functionally meet or exceed these specifications (warranty optional).

Processor:  Intel Core i7-8565U Processor
Hard Drive: 256 GB Solid State Drive
Graphics:  Intel UHD Graphics 620
Warranty:  Four year Premier
Memory:  16GB DDR4 2400 MHz
Operating System:  Windows 10

It is recommended that a laptop be purchased through Lenovo from the following site: You must create an account using your Rowan email address to register, and to subsequently access the site. Once in the site, click on Products and then Laptops & Ultrabooks. There will be upgrade options when you select Customize & Buy (e.g., an upgrade of 16 GB memory is highly recommended)

If you are having difficulty with your Rowan account, you can go to for assistance.

The University now provides students with Microsoft Office through Office 365, more information can be obtained here:

For an overview of all the other resources available to you at Rowan University, visit the Resources for Students page on the IRT website.

Note: All engineering applications will run on Windows-based laptops but some may not have been designed to run on Apple products. However, owners of Apple products can access the same software available for Windows users via RowanCloud.