Antonios Kontsos, Ph.D.

Antonios Kontsos, Ph.D.

Antonios Kontsos, Ph.D.
Henry M. Rowan Foundation Professor; Director of the Digital Engineering Hub

Antonios Kontsos, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering

Contact Info
Rowan Hall 141


Post-Doctoral Fellow, The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, RICE University
Diploma, Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras, Greece

Impactful Research Areas:
    Computational Health
    Sustainable Materials & Processes
    Digital Engineering
    Infrastructure & Transportation
    Sensors & Robotics

Research Expertise: 
Digital Engineering; Intelligent Materials & Systems; Advanced Manufacturing; Mechanics of Materials, Fatigue & Fracture;

Dr. Antonios Kontsos is the first Henry M. Rowan Foundation Professor in Rowan University’s Mechanical Engineering Department and Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, where he is also the inaugural Director of the Digital Engineering Hub (DEHub). Prof. Kontsos’ research interests are in the area of engineering mechanics with emphasis on the understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials. To achieve this goal, he relies on defining microstructure-properties-behavior relations using methods that involve theory, experiments, modeling, and simulations. A fundamental goal of this type of research is the understanding of the deformation and failure of advanced materials in terms of their multiscale architecture and their constitutive response with applications in materials design and manufacturing. An additional research goal is the identification of damage and in particular the quantification of evolving material states as a function of applied loading, which can then be used for prognosis of remaining useful life. In this context, Dr. Kontsos has been using sensing and testing methods in plasticity, fracture, and fatigue investigations across length scales, in conjunction with signal processing and numerical simulation approaches that could assist both the fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials as well as their applications. In relation to these research efforts, Prof. Kontsos teaches topics related to solid mechanics, advanced manufacturing and cyberphysical systems.

Recent Publications:
Schlenker, E. Tekerek, and A. Kontsos*, “Leveraging Full Field Deformation Measurements in Computational Modeling of Damage”, ASME. ASME J Nondestructive Evaluation 2023, Vol. 6, 021007

Tekerek, V. Perumal, L. Jacquemetton, D. Beckett, H. S. Halliday, B. Wisner and A. Kontsos*, “On the Process of Designing Material Qualification Type Specimens Manufactured using Laser Powder Bed Fusion”, Materials & Design 2023, Vol. 229, 111893

Perumal, D. Abueidda, S. Koric and A. Kontsos*, “Temporal Convolutional Networks for Data-driven Thermal Modeling of Directed Energy Deposition”, Journal of Manufacturing processes 2022, Vol. 85, pp. 405-416

Reza, A. Riensche, E. Tekerek, L. Jacquemetton, H. Halliday, M. Vandever, A. Tenequer, V. Perumal, A. Kontsos, Z. Smoqi, K. Cole, P. Rao, “Digitally Twinned Additive Manufacturing: Detecting Flaws in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Combining Thermal Simulations with In-situ Meltpool Sensor Data”, Materials & Design 2021, Vol. 211, 110167

Bahadori, E. Tekerek, M. Mathew, K. Mazur, B.J. Wisner A. Kontsos*, "Composite Material Failure Model Updating Approach Leveraging Nondestructive Evaluation Data", Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems, Vol. 4(3), 031002