Ben Wu, Ph.D.

Ben Wu, Ph.D.

Ben Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ben Wu, Ph.D.
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Contact Info
(856) 256-5403
Engineering Hall 326




Postdoctoral Researcher, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Nankai University

Research Expertise:
Fiber-Optic Communication, Photonic Neural Networks, Optical Imaging

My research is to design and make optical systems and photonic devices for the applications of communication, signal processing and especially neuromorphic computing, as well as microscopic imaging. The photonic methods process signals at the speed of light with low latencies. By using the photonic methods to achieve the functions of artificial neuron network, deep learning algorithm can be performed at high speeds.

Honors and Awards:
Inspira Health Award 2018                                             

Professional Memberships:

Recent Publications:
T. Shi, Y. Qi, B. Wu*, “Microscopic Three-dimensional Reconstruction based on Structured Light,” OSA Frontier in Optics and Laser Science, JW3A, Washington DC, September, 2019. 

Y. Qi, B. Wu*, “Free-Space Optical Stealth Communication Based on Wideband Noise,” OSA Frontier in Optics and Laser Science, FW5B.5, Washington DC, September, 2018. 

P. Y. Ma, B. Wu, B. J. Shastri, A. N. Tait, P. Mittal, P. R. Prucnal, “Steganographic communication via spread optical noise: a link-level eavesdropping resilient system,” IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 36 (23) 5344 – 5357, 2018.

B. Wu*, Y. Ergaibi, “Optical stealth communication for smart sensor networks,” IEEE Sensors 2017 Applications Symposium (SAS), Glassboro, NJ, USA, March, 2017.

B. Wu*, “Principle and security analysis of optical steganography based on wide band amplifier noise,” OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, SpTu1F.2, New Orleans, LA, USA. July, 2017.