Gerard Capellades, Ph.D.

Gerard Capellades, Ph.D.

Gerard Capellades, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Gerard Capellades, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering

Contact Info
Rowan Hall 334



Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology    
Ph.D., Technical University of Denmark
M.S., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
B.S., Chemical Engineering, IQS School of Engineering, Spain

Impactful Research Areas:
   Sustainable Materials & Processes
   Digital Engineering
   Sensors & Robotics

Research Expertise:
Industrial Crystallization, Particulate Processes, Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Nucleation, Crystal Growth                                                                                                                       

My research falls at the interplay between crystallization theory and process development. Areas of focus are the effect of solvents and impurities on solution crystallization, the mechanisms of impurity incorporation during crystal growth, and nucleation from solution. My group seeks to develop systematic process design strategies that draw from crystallization theory to minimize development resources while improving process understanding. In parallel, we work on the design of automated screening devices to drive fundamental work and rapid process development, and on the design of novel configurations for industrial crystallization, filtration, and drying.

Professional Memberships:
AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers): Separations Division; Particle Technology Forum; Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum.
ACS (American Chemical Society): Colloid & Surface Chemistry Division.                                        

Recent Publications:
G. Capellades
, J.O. Bonsu, A.S. Myerson. “Impurity Incorporation in Solution Crystallization: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Control”. CrystEngComm 2022, Advance Article. Link

G. Capellades, C. Neurohr, N. Briggs, K. Rapp, G. Hammersmith, D. Brancazio, B. Derksen, A.S. Myerson. “On-Demand Continuous Manufacturing of Ciprofloxacin in Portable Plug-and-Play Factories: Implementation and In Situ Control of Downstream Production”. Organic Process Research & Development 2021, 25, 1534-1546. Link

I.J. Dela Cruz, J.V. Perez, B.G. Alamani, G. Capellades, A.S. Myerson. “Influence of Volume on the Nucleation of Model Organic Molecular Crystals through an Induction Time Approach”. Crystal Growth & Design 2021, 21, 2932-2941. Link

M.A. Azad, G. Capellades, A.B. Wang, D.M. Klee, G. Hammersmith, K. Rapp, D. Brancazio, A.S. Myerson. “Impact of Critical Material Attributes (CMAs) – Particle Shape on Miniature Pharmaceutical Unit Operations”. AAPS PharmSciTech 2021, 22, 1-11. Link

L. Rogers, N. Briggs, R. Achermann, A. Adamo, M. Azad, D. Brancazio, G. Capellades, G. Hammersmith, T. Hart, J. Imbrogno, L.P. Kelly, G. Liang, C. Neurohr, K. Rapp, M.G. Russell, C. Salz, D.A. Thomas, L. Weimann, T.F. Jamison, A.S. Myerson, K.F. Jensen. “Continuous Production of Five Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Flexible Plug-and-Play Modules: A Demonstration Campaign”. Organic Process Research & Development 2020, 24, 2183-2196. Link