Peter Galie, Ph.D.

Peter Galie, Ph.D.

Peter Galie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Peter  Galie, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering

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Engineering Hall 230




BS - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Princeton University)
MS - Biomedical Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Ph.D. - Biomedical Engineering (University of Michigan)
Post-Doctoral, University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Medicine & Engineering, 2011-2015

Research Expertise: Mechanobiology; Tissue Engineering; Blood-Brain Barrier

Selected Publications:
K.A. Tran, P.P. Partyka, Y. Jin, J. Bouyer, I. Fischer, P.A. Galie. Vascularization of Self-assembled Peptide Scaffolds for Spinal Cord Injury Repair, Acta Biomaterialia, 104:76-84, 2020.

N. Bouhrira, B.J. DeOre, D.W. Sazer, Z. Chiaradia, J.S. Miller, P.A. Galie. Disturbed Flow Disrupts the Blood-Brain Barrier in a 3D Bifurcation Model, Biofabrication, 12(2), 025020, 2020.

B.J. DeOre, P.A. Galie, C.S. Sehgal. Fluid Flow Rate Dictates the Efficacy of Low Intensity Anti‐Vascular Ultrasound Therapy in a Microfluidic Model. Microcirculation, e12576, 2019.

P.P. Partyka, Y. Jin, J. Bouyer, A. DaSilva, G.A. Godsey, I. Fischer, P.A. Galie. Harnessing Neurovascular Interaction to Guide Axon Growth. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 2190, 2019.

H.B. Bowers, M.L. Fiori, J.B. Khadela, P.A. Janmey, P.A. Galie. Cell-Matrix Tension Contributes to Hypoxia in Astrocyte-seeded Viscoelastic Hydrogels Composed of Collagen and Hyaluronan.  Experimental Cell Research 376(1): 49-57. 2019.