Sebastián L. Vega, Ph.D.

Sebastián L. Vega, Ph.D.

Sebastián Vega, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Outreach and Community Engagement Chair

 Sebastián  Vega, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering

Contact Info
Engineering Hall 228



Post-Doctoral, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Impactful Research Areas:
    Sustainable Materials & Processes
    Disrupting Inequalities in Engineering

Research Expertise:
Biomaterials; Stem cells; Tissue engineering; Mechanobiology

Recent Publications:
K.A. Gultian, R. Gandhi, K. Sarin, M. Sladkova-Faure, M. Zimmer, G.M. de Peppo, S.L. Vega. Human Induced Mesenchymal Stem Cells Display Increased Sensitivity to Matrix Stiffness, Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-9, 2022.

M. DiCerbo, M.M. Benmassaoud, S.L. Vega. Porous Scaffold-Hydrogel Composites Spatially Regulate 3D Cellular Mechanosensing, Frontiers in Medical Technology, 4, 1-8, 2022.

M.M. Benmassaoud, K.A. Gultian, M. DiCerbo, S.L. Vega. Hydrogel Screening Approaches for Bone and Cartilage Tissue Regeneration, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1460(1), 25-42, 2019.

S.L. Vega, V. Arvind, P. Mishra, S.N. Murthy, P.V. Moghe. Substrate Micropatterns Produced by Polymer Demixing Regulate Focal Adhesions, Actin Anisotropy, and Lineage Differentiation of Stem Cells, Acta Biomaterialia, 76, 21-28, 2018.

A.M. Rosales, S.L. Vega, F.W. DelRio, J.A. Burdick, K.S. Anseth. Hydrogels with Reversible Mechanics to Probe Dynamic Cell Microenvironments, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56(40), 12132-12136, 2017.