Vince Beachley, Ph.D.

Vince Beachley, Ph.D.

Vince Beachley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Chair

Vince  Beachley, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering

Contact Info
Engineering Hall 232



Post-Doctoral, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Ph.D., Bioengineering, Clemson University
B.S., Engineering Science & Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Impactful Research Areas:
    Green Construction
    Digital Engineering
    Sensors & Robotics

Research Expertise:
Nanofabrication & processing; polymer nanofiber engineering; biomaterials; tissue engineering; nanofiber/matrix composites

Recent Publications:
Flamini M, Lima T, Alvarez N, Beachley V. Annealing Post-Drawn Polycaprolactone (PCL) Nanofibers Optimizes Crystallinity and Molecular Alignment and Enhances Mechanical Properties and Drug Release Profiles. Materials Advances, Materials Advances, 3, 3303 – 3315, 2022

Jao D, Hu X, Beachley V. Bioinspired Silk Fiber Spinning System via Automated Track-drawing. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 4 (12), 8192-8204, 2021

A. Conte, K. Sun, X. Hu, V. Beachley. Effects of fiber density and strain rate on the mechanical properties of electrospun polycaprolactone nanofiber mats, Frontiers in Chemistry 8, 610, 2020

J. Gabriel, D. Brennan, J. Elisseeff, V. Beachley. Microarray Embedding/Sectioning for Parallel Analysis of 3D Cell Spheroids, Scientific Reports, 9(1), 1-10, 2019.

D. Jao, V. Beachley. Dual-Track Fabrication of Polymer Micro-/Nanofibers Based on Direct Drawing, ACS Macroletters, 8, 588-595, 2019.