Program Goals & Objectives

Program Goals & Objectives

Chemical Engineering Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

Rowan University Chemical Engineering is a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate program that provides students with a strong foundation in chemical engineering science and practice, and emphasizes the development of effective communication and teaming skills, and professional responsibility in preparation for a career in a diverse global workforce. Undergraduate students are offered an integrated learning experience that couples leading-edge instructional pedagogies with continual hands-on engineering practice. Graduate students are offered advanced paths at the masters and doctoral levels to develop scholarly and professional skills, and to engage with our faculty in original scientific research. We prepare our students for careers in the global chemical process industry and related fields, and for advancing the chemical engineering profession as future leaders in industry, government and academia. The Chemical Engineering Program is committed to technical excellence, professional responsibility, and lifelong learning.

We use this mission statement along with the following three goals, to educate and prepare the next generation of leaders in the chemical engineering field.


Goal 1 - Develop engineers who are successfully using their chemical engineering expertise to adapt to the evolving technological challenges of a wide variety of professional fields.

Goal 2 - Develop engineers who, within several years of graduation, are functioning independently and collaboratively in providing creative solution strategies to problems for their employer.

Goal 3 - Develop engineers who engage in professional growth and responsible practice.