About the Curriculum

Rowan University Chemical Engineering is an accredited educational program that integrates classroom instruction with active hands-on learning throughout the four years of undergraduate studies. Our program aims to develop well-rounded students with a strong understanding of chemical engineering science and design as well as a holistic mindset that considers the technical, economic, societal, environmental, and sustainability aspects of an engineered chemical process and solution.

Unique from other chemical engineering undergraduate programs in the U.S., Rowan University Chemical Engineering offers continual active learning through the Engineering Clinic. Modeled after the clinic program in medical schools, the Engineering Clinic program offers students ways to reinforce their learning through open-ended, team-based engineering and research projects that address challenges faced by industry and the real world.

The Engineering Clinic is a significant part of the curriculum that spans the entire four years of undergraduate studies. The first year and sophomore clinics build foundational skills in engineering design, technical communication, and teamwork. The junior and senior clinics hone in on team-based projects that use chemical engineering knowledge to solve problems. Many projects are supported by industry and government agencies that bring real world perspective and value to students. 

See below for courses and course sequence in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in CHE Curriculum

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Calculus I MATH01.130 4 Calculus II MATH01.131 4
Chemistry I CHEM06.100 4 Chemistry II CHEM06.101 4
Introductory Mechanics PHYS00.220 4 Composition I COMP01.111 3
First Year Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.101 2 First Year Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.102 2
Rowan Core Elective 3 Rowan Core Elective 3
Total 17 Total 16
Principles Chemical Processes I CHE06.201 2 Principles Chemical Processes II CHE06.202  2
Calculus III MATH01.230 4 Math for Engineering Analysis MATH01.235  4
Organic Chemistry I CHEM07.200 4 Chem. Eng. Fluid Mechanics CHE0601.241  2
Soph. Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.201 4 Soph. Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.202  4
    Approved Adv. Chemistry Elective 3
Total  14 Total  15
Chem. Eng. Thermodynamics I CHE06.310  3 Chem. Eng. Thermodynamics II CHE06.315  3
Separation Processes I CHE06.312  2 Separation Processes II CHE06.314 3
Process Fluid Transport CHE06.309  2 Chemical Reaction Engineering CHE06.316  4
Heat Transfer Processes CHE06.311  3 Chem. Eng. Materials CHE06.381  2
Chem. Eng. Modeling CHE06.385 2 Junior Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.303  2
Junior Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.303 2    
Total 14 Total 14 
Chem. Process Component Design CHE06.401  3 Chemical Plant Design CHE06.406  3
Unit Operations Lab CHE06.403  3 Chemical Process Safety CHE06.407 3
Process Dynamics & Control CHE06.405 2 Approved Chem. Eng. Elective II CHE06.___  3
Approved Chem. Eng. Elective I CHE06.___  3 Approved Chem. Eng. Elective III CHE06.___  3
Senior Engineering Clinic I ENGR 01.403 2 Senior Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.403  2
Rowan Core Elective  3    
Total  16 Total 14

Rowan Core and Rowan Experience

All incoming first-year students (Fall ’18 and beyond) are required to follow the Rowan Core/Rowan Experience general education model. The Rowan Core (RC) is based on 6 literacies that reflect contemporary priorities, while maintaining a strong liberal arts foundation. Three of the 6 literacies--Communicative, Quantitative and Scientific--are fulfilled by the required courses in the Chemical Engineering curriculum.

The Artistic, Global and Humanistic Literacies are satisfied by student-selected Rowan Core electives (3 credits required in each literacy).

Rowan Experience requirements are met through your required program of study. For example, Senior Engineering Clinic II fulfills the Writing Intensive (WI) course, and First-Year Clinic I fulfills the Rowan Seminar (RS) requirement. The broad-based literature course requirement may be combined with one of the RC electives.

Please refer to the Rowan Core/Rowan Experience Guidelines, linked here.