Minor in CHE

Minor in CHE

Minor in Chemical Engineering

This Minor in Chemical Engineering (ChE) will offer students a foundation in material and energy balances, transport phenomena, and separation processes relevant to the manufacturing industry. The minor is designed for students from other engineering disciplines as well as students from science majors who may be interested in pursuing a career or graduate studies in chemical engineering. The minor is a minimum of 18 semester hour credits total of ChE courses. Students in the minor take 6 credits of required ChE courses and a minimum of 12 credits of course work chosen from banks of ChE courses. These courses provide the necessary fundamentals and allow a focus in an area of interest. Students must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA in the minor-specific courses. Admission requires the approval of the ChE Department Head. The applicant will need to have completed MATH01.130 Calculus I, MATH01.131 Calculus II, MATH01.230 Calculus III, MATH01.235 Mathematics for Engineering Analysis (or equivalent MATH 01.231 Ordinary Differential Equations and MATH01.210 Linear Algebra), CHEM06.100 College Chemistry I, CHEM06.101 College Chemistry II, and PHYS00.220 Introductory Mechanics (or equivalent Physics I – Calculus-based) before being considered for acceptance into the minor. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the aforementioned courses is required for admission into the ChE minor. Current ChE students who transfer out of the major will be automatically eligible for admission into the ChE minor.

Required Courses 6 s.h. (minimum)

CHE06.201 Principles of Chemical Processes I*   2 s.h.
CHE06.202 Principles of Chemical Processes II*   2 s.h.
CHE06.241 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics    2 s.h.
or ENGR01.341 Fluid Mechanics 2 s.h.
or ENGR01.342 Engineering Fluid Mechanics 3 s.h.

*CHE06.203 Principles of Chemical Processes 4 s.h. may be substituted for both CHE06.201 Principles of Chemical Processes I and CHE06.202 Principles of Chemical Processes II

Elective Courses** Choose 9 s.h. (minimum) from the following

CHE06.309 Process Fluid Transport 2 s.h.
CHE06.310 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I 3 s.h.
CHE06.311 Heat Transfer Processes   3 s.h.
CHE06.312 Separation Processes I 2 s.h.
CHE06.314 Separation Processes II 4 s.h.
CHE06.315 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II   3 s.h.

**Students must ensure that they have the appropriate prerequisites for any of the classes. Prerequisites for each class can be found in the Banner Course Catalog. Find the catalog entry for the course that you are interested in taking, scroll to the bottom of the page. The ChE Department Head will review course equivalencies.

Chemical Engineering Senior Elective: Choose 3 s.h. minimum. The Senior Electives are courses in the following range: CHE06.440 to CHE06.495