Engineering Learning Community

Engineering Learning Community

Engineering Learning Community

The Engineering Learning Community is a first-year program for engineering students. Students in the ELC live in the same dorm their first year, take some classes together their first semester at Rowan, and participate in group activities. Junior/Senior engineering students (who did the ELC their first-year) mentor ELC students. The ELC helps students form bonds with each other and faculty and helps with the transition to college. ELC classes and activities are completed in groups of approximately 20-25 students. Students live in Holly Pointe Commons. According to one ELC student

I liked the ELC because you met people right away that were involved in your majors...We helped each other with homework. We had clinic together so we would remind each other about homework assignments.

The common ELC classes count for all engineering majors, ELC students just take them together. They are: Freshman Engineering Clinic I and Calculus I. They are required courses for all engineering majors. If you have AP or Transfer credit for an ELC course you do not have to retake it for the ELC. Students also participate in the ELC Seminar, a zero-credit course. It is used to help ELC students get to know each other quickly, form study groups, learn academic success skills, be exposed to campus activities and resources, and access tutoring. 

ELC Seminar sessions range from social to academic. Each ELC section is different, depending on the interests of its students and faculty. Recent example activities include:

  • Why Engineering? - Talk to faculty and other students about engineering;
  • Transition - getting to know each other, forming study groups, and campus resources;
  • Academic Success - Study skills, resume writing, course registration, etc.;
  • Fun - Socials, board games, kickball, volleyball, bowling, etc.; and
  • Campus Culture - Clubs, performances, athletic events, movies, seminars, etc.; and
  • Skills - Excel, MATLAB, etc.

Applying to the ELC: The Fall 2021 online application is available HERE.

Why do we need ELC applications so early? We have to get the ELC names to the Registrar around May 1. First-year engineering students get placed into Fall classes first out of all new students! The sooner you apply the better! You can apply as soon as you submit your regular Rowan application! We accept applicants after the April 25th deadline, but only until we run out of space or can no longer submit new students to the registrar.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot submit your Rowan Deposit by April 25th, email me to affirm that you are definitely coming to Rowan and still want to be in the ELC. To include you in the list of ELC students we send to the Registrar, we need to see you in the system as a deposited student OR we need an email letting us know you are definitely coming to Rowan. To get in ELC Housing you need to submit a regular Rowan Housing application. That puts you in the Housing system. The ELC can then send your name to Housing to get you into ELC Housing. 

FAQs for students joining the ELC Fall 2021

Can Professor E answer every question I have about Rowan? No. I am a professor in the College of Engineering. I have run the ELC since 2009, but I am not privy to all the information available to staff in admissions or housing. I can only help with ELC-specific questions. 

Am I accepted into the ELC? If you submit before the April 25th deadline you are almost guaranteed a spot. The only way you might not be accepted is if (1) your application is inappropriate or incomplete, (2) the ELC runs out of space, or (3) Your application is late and I cannot get you into the ELC dorm or classes. In any of these cases, you'll get a follow up email from me when I look at your application (after the automatic email triggered by your application). Because 'stuff happens', email me if you do not get an ELC email from me within a week of submitting your ELC application. It will be sent to the email you gave in your application and come from ''.

Can I do the ELC and Honors? Yes, but... Students who want to do both Honors and ELC should join the ELC now and join Honors in the Spring semester of their first year. If you are already accepted to Honors, you can have your acceptance deferred to the Spring. Or, you can apply to Honors during your first semester on campus. So, if you want to do both: Join ELC in the Fall and join Honors in the Spring. FYI: The ELC is just for the first year, while the Honors program is all four years. First-year students in both groups live in Holly Pointe Commons. The focus of the ELC is ensuring a good transition to college. Honors has a broader focus.

Is there a particular summer orientation I should attend? No. You can go to any summer orientation.

Which dorm is the ELC in? Holly Pointe Commons, Pods A through D, second floor. If you get a different assignment, let me know ASAP. I do not know when the assignments are made available to you.

Do I have to fill out a housing form? YES. You MUST complete a Housing form by the regular deadline. There is no check box for the ELC on the housing form because we submit the ELC names directly to housing. Why? Because students have to apply to the ELC before the housing application deadline in order to get registered for classes in early in May.

Can I request a roommate? Yes. Once you both complete the official Housing form you have to make an official roommate request ( I'm not sure, but you may need to submit your Rowan deposit first. Finally, you and your desired roommate need to email me. If the roommate you want is in the ELC, let me know early enough and we can put you in the same ELC sections of FEC I, Calc I, and ELC seminar (the earlier the better). Housing will consider outside-of-ELC roommate requests as space allows. No promises!

Do I HAVE to request a roommate? No. You do not have to request a roommate. We assign students to ELC sub-groups of 20-24 each. Housing can assign roommates within those groups based on your housing form.

How can I get to know other ELC students before the Fall? A student volunteer sets up a Facebook group. We email the URL to everyone.

What are the Fall 2021 ELC courses? Freshman Engineering Clinic I (sections are TBD), Calculus I (sections are TBD), and Independent Study-ELC Seminar (sections 1-6). ELC students that are not placed in ELC sections of these courses should let me know ASAP, but I do not know exactly when your fall course schedule will be sent to you. You do not have to take the ELC courses if you have AP or transfer credit.

Can I drop ELC courses? You cannot drop ELC Seminar and still be in the ELC. You can drop FEC I or Calculus I during summer orientation, but ONLY if you have AP or Transfer credit. Please let me know if you intend to do this. 

What kind of laptop should I get? Check out the RU Laptop Policy.

More questions? Email Professor Jess Everett (, he is ready to help!