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 india trip

Rowan University's EWB Team in Ashram School in Ranshet, India during Spring 2018. Pictured above, Katie Barellies, Ben Muska, Karen Tayar, Andrew Biglin, John Paul Anderson, Zachary Weintraut.

Following our team’s successful Assessment trip to India in the spring of 2018 we created an Alternatives Analysis for the Ranshet School community. This community experiences frequent power outages, especially during monsoon season, leading to a lack of water needed for the school. The team determined 10 potential implementation ideas to help with this issue, these alternatives were then evaluated and ranked to determine which would have the greatest impact for the community. Lastly, these alternatives were combined into different “packages” which our team would implement this upcoming semester. The package chose as having the highest impact includes fixing leaks in their current piping system, creating a battery grid for use during blackouts, installing a solar pump system, and implementing water management training to better conserve the water they recieve. A team will be sent to the community this upcoming semester/ summer in order to implement this “package”.