Cheryl Bodnar, Ph.D.

Cheryl Bodnar, Ph.D.

Cheryl Bodnar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Cheryl Bodnar, Ph.D.
Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd)

Contact Info
Engineering Hall 133


Personal Gender Pronoun: She/Her/Hers

BS - Chemical Engineering (University of Calgary)
Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering (University of Calgary)

Research Expertise:
Game-based learning; innovation and entrepreneurship

Currently, Dr. Bodnar's research is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Kern Family Foundation. Her research interests relate to the incorporation of active learning techniques such as game-based learning in undergraduate classes as well as integration of innovation and entrepreneurship into the engineering curriculum.  In particular, she is interested in the impact that these tools can have on student perception of the classroom environment, motivation and learning outcomes.

Honors and Awards:

Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Research presented by AIChE Education Division, 2021

William H. Corcoran Award for Best Paper in Chemical Engineering Education Journal during 2020

Martin Award for Best Paper Presented in the Chemical Engineering Division at the 2017 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Meeting

Raymond W. Fahien Award for Outstanding Teaching Effectiveness and Educational Scholarship presented by American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Chemical Engineering Division, 2017

Professional Memberships:
ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education)
CSTD (Canadian Society for Training and Development)

Recent Publications:

Jackson, A., Resnick, S., Hansson, R., Burgess, K., Bodnar, C.A. (2021). Exploration of the Experiences that Shape Engineering Students’ Entrepreneurial Mindset Development. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 

Stransky, J., Bassett, L., Bodnar, C., Anastasio, D., Burkey, D., Cooper, M. A. (2021). Retrospective Analysis on the Impacts of an Immersive Digital Environment on Chemical Engineering Students’ Moral Reasoning.  Education for Chemical Engineers. 35, 22-28.
Coso Strong, A., Smith-Orr, C.S., Bodnar, C.A., Lee, W.C., McCave, E.J., Faber, C.J. (2021). Early-Career Faculty Transitions: Negotiating Legitimacy and Support Seeking in Engineering Education. Studies in Engineering Education, 1(1), 97–118. DOI:

Bodnar, C.A., Dringenberg, E., Butler, B., Burkey, D., Anastasio, D., Cooper, M. (2020). Revealing the Decision-Making Processes of Chemical Engineering Students in Process Safety Contexts. Chemical Engineering Education. 54(1), 1-9.

Shekhar, P., Bodnar, C. (2020).  The Mediating Role of University Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on Students’ Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy.  International Journal of Engineering Education. 36(1A), 1-13.