Juan Cruz, Ph.D.

Juan Cruz, Ph.D.

Juan Cruz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Juan Cruz, Ph.D.
Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd)

Contact Info
Engineering Hall 131


Personal Gender Pronoun: He/Him/His

BS - Electronic Engineering (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)
MS - Education (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)
Ph.D. - Engineering Education (Virginia Tech)

Research Expertise:
Instructional Change and Academic Motivation

Engineering education as a field has sustained multiple efforts to change pedagogical approaches in engineering by increasingly embedding research on learning into teaching practices (i.e, Instructional change). My research agenda aims to understand better why these multiple efforts have yielded low to moderate success or sustainability. This low success is explained because effective instructional change requires a perspective that accounts for the complex nature of academia. Such perspective uses systems thinking to understand how everything is connected to everything else instead of the traditional approach that is based only on teachers’ reflection and intuition drawn from their teaching experiences. With this understanding, my research activity seeks to design projects with better potential to lead to sustainable instructional change processes in STEM. The consistent thread throughout my research agenda is to identify, understand and promote favorable systemic conditions for teachers to adopt changes in instruction.

Professional Memberships:
ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education), Faculty Development Division

Recent Publications:
Murzi, H. & Cruz, J.M. (2019). “Measuring Disciplinary Perceptions of Engineering from a Cultural Lens: A Validation of an Instrument in a Research Technical University”, Journal of Education and Culture Studies. 

Cerquera, M., Hurtado J.A., Cruz, J.M., “Project-Based Learning Electromagnetics Wave Transmission Course: A CDIO approach”, European Journal of Engineering Education, in review.

Cruz, J. M., C. Hampton, S. G. Adams, and N. Hosseinichimeh, "A System Approach to Instructional Change in Academia," presented at the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), Tampa Bay, FL, 2019.

Cruz, J. M, M. S. Artiles, H. M. Matusovich, G. Lee-Tomas, and S. G. Adams, "Revising the Dissertation Institute- Contextual Factors Relevant to Transferability " presented at the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), Tampa Bay, FL, 2019.