two students in lab coats working with chemicals in lab

Biomedical Engineering

BME is one of the fastest growing departments in the nation providing solutions to global challenges of today and tomorrow to improve quality of life. Anchored by our innovative and challenging undergraduate and graduate curricula, we offer fundamental and applied engineering education that trains graduates to succeed in diverse areas of the field. Novel research and solutions to real-world problems are cornerstones of our educational programs which lead to new knowledge, therapies, and devices and well-prepared students ready to positively impact the world.

female student measuring chemicals in beaker in lab

Chemical Engineering

ChE is a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate program that provides students with a strong foundation in chemical engineering science and practice, and emphasizes the development of effective communication and teaming skills, and professional responsibility in preparation for a career in a diverse global workforce. Undergraduate students are offered an integrated learning experience that couples leading-edge instructional pedagogies with continual hands-on engineering practice. Graduate students are offered advanced paths at the masters and doctoral levels to develop scholarly and professional skills, and to engage with our faculty in original scientific research. We prepare our students for careers in the global chemical process industry and related fields, and for advancing the chemical engineering profession as future leaders in industry, government and academia. The Chemical Engineering Program is committed to technical excellence, professional responsibility, and lifelong learning.

Sidney working inside Rowans CREATEs lab

Civil & Environmental Engineering

We are all about TLC at CEE- Teamwork, Leadership, & Community. The faculty are invested in providing an excellent education and enriching research-service opportunities for our students.

female student working on computer

Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE at Rowan is a modern, innovative, hands-on project-based program, where we train and graduate proficient engineers who will be successful in solving not only today’s problems, but also tomorrow’s evolving and emerging engineering challenges.

Students working in one of the new engineering labs

Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd)

ExEEd is home to the engineering entrepreneurship major, first and second-year engineering clinics, and engineering education research.

A male student adjusting a handmade water bottle launcher

Mechanical Engineering

The ME Program offers an innovative and student-centered program, incorporating leading-edge educational methods that blend theory with engineering practice. The program provides students with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering science and design, and emphasizes the development of effective communication, teaming skills, and professional responsibility, in preparation for a career in a diverse global workforce.