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"Do you Remember When"

Dean Tracey recruited you with the "Build it and he will come" speech?

Freshman Engineering Clinic lab was in Memorial Hall?

Chemistry, Physics and Biology was in Bosshart Hall?

Dr. Slater's office was in the Library?

Labs in Rowan Hall had nothing in them but lab benches?

Dr. Slater had hair (Opps - wrong school!)

These were the memories of our first class who came in September 1996 and graduated in May 2000. Since then chemical engineering students at Rowan have seen many great changes on campus. We now have labs "filled to the brim" with advanced equipment and instrumentation for instruction and to support our engineering clinic program. A new $45 Mil Science Hall was opened in 2003. The first building on West Campus, Samuel Jones Innovation Center, will open in 2008 and have labs for the College of Engineering. We have eight full-time faculty and several adjuncts with significant industrial experience. We are quite proud of the fact that we are now rated as the #2 chemical engineering program in the country at an undergraduate university by "U.S. News & World Report".

I hope you and your classmates are achieving the same level of success in your professional and personal lives. I have been pleased to see many of you when you have stopped by campus or seen me shopping in Home Depot or Shop Rite. It always makes my day when I see one of my Rowan "kids" and find out how you are doing. Whether it is industry, government or education, I know you are using those skills we taught you and positively impacting society. For those of you in jobs far away, please feel free to e-mail me and your former faculty and let us know how things are going. I love getting pictures, so if you have any to share please send them to us.

Remember what I told you when you were my students, "when you go out into the working world you are ambassadors for Rowan Chemical Engineering". We are proud of you and we hope you are proud of your alma mater, and will help the past, present and future current chemical engineering students at Rowan.

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