3D-printed face mask

  • Meeting Dire Need: Rowan races to print 3D masks

3D-printed face mask

Reusable 3D-printed face mask

Rowan University engineering and medical students have developed a prototype for a durable, lightweight, reusable face mask to augment the supply of face masks during the current shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak. The mask is provided “as-is” and primarily acts as a mechanical barrier. It is not a replacement for N95 masks.

Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, the mask prototype may serve in clinical and field use. If printed, used and maintained correctly, the mask provides a durable, reusable mechanical barrier. 


Ease of assembly and use

The prototype provides two components: a contoured mask and filter housing. No special tools are needed for assembly. The replaceable nonwoven filter materials recommended for the filter housing are widely available. Users will supply and install the elastic or cord.

The mask can be printed in three sizes, all with the same size filter housing. The contoured mask may be more closely molded to the user’s face by submerging the edges in hot water and pressing it to reform the shape against the face. 


Project Description

Seeking face masks, medical school asks Rowan engineers for help

A team of Rowan University faculty and students is racing against a pandemic to create 3D-printed face masks to address a predicted shortage of personal protective equipment for South Jersey’s health care workers and emergency responders. (See full story)


Downloadable resources

Assembly, use and disinfection instructions (PDF)

3D fabrication instructions (PDF)

NEW - V4 Masks and Filter - Greatly improved breathability, larger strap holes, and nose notch for those who wear glasses.

The following STL files must be downloaded into 3D printing software:

Helpful information about printing the Rowan face mask

Questions or feedback?

Please visit our survey site: go.rowan.edu/3Dprintedmasksurvey

Email us at rowan3dprintedmask@rowan.edu


Disclaimer and License Information

(Full information provided on downloadable PDFs) 


The mask information is provided as research information only and has not been tested for commercial use. The design and masks made from the design have NOT been tested or approved pursuant to FDA, OSHA, or NIOSH standards. The mask Information is experimental in nature and the safety or efficacy for use in humans has not been proven or tested. Users should make every effort to use an available N95 mask if feasible.  

This design is for an adult mask. 


Information is provided with permission for the recipient to freely use, copy and modify without restriction in accordance with the Creative Commons License. 

Reusable 3D-Printed Adult Face Mask: (Easy-to-print, filter required) by lafactoria3dis licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution license.  By downloading this item, you agree to abide by the license: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives