Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

The B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology program is a unique, career-oriented program that combines the strengths and mutual commitment of Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) and Rowan University by seamlessly allowing students to obtain their bachelor’s degree after completing their Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology degree.

This new program has many innovative components that make it unique, starting with its engineering technology clinics.  The eight-semester Engineering Technology Clinics provide students with genuinely hands-on, interdisciplinary experience with design, development and implementation, enabling students to work on real-world problems. The curriculum also includes several strategically selected and designed courses, including: Semiconductor Electronics; Digital Systems, Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers; Instrumentation and Measurement; Printed Circuit Board Design and Rapid Prototyping; Embedded Systems and Internet of Things; Applied Digital Signal Processing and Communication; as well as Electrical Power and Energy Systems, among others.

These courses provide an exceptional background, knowledge, and skillset, preparing graduates for a broad spectrum of career opportunities. These opportunities include jobs such as:

Design, development and manufacturing of products, machines, and processes


Technical Sales

High-income Consulting

There are many industries that hire electrical engineering technologists including but not limited to: power, electronics, biotechnology, imaging, computer, defense, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, robotics, and automation—all of which are well-represented in our geographical area.

The Electrical Engineering Technology program combines the convenience and low cost of completing A.A.S. degree requirements at RCSJ with access to Rowan University resources during the third and fourth years of the program. Students will have access to modern laboratory facilities, giving them experience with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. The program is jointly administered by RCSJ (for the first two years) and Rowan University’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (for the third and fourth years).