M.S. in ME

M.S. in ME

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)

The Mechanical Engineering program allows a student to develop a high level of competence in engineering design, and a deep understanding of current technology. The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides students with an opportunity to work on exciting research areas at the leading edge of technology. This program also includes the following focus areas: Bioengineering; Mechanics and Materials; Signals, Systems and Computational Intelligence; and Sustainability

Program Requirements

Required Courses: 9 semester hours (s.h.)

Required Courses   9 s.h.

(s.h.: semester hours/credit hours)

Course # Course Title s.h.
MATH 01515 Engineering Applications of Analysis (or equivalent determined in consultation with Academic Advisor) 3
TBD Engineering Application of Computers (or equivalent determined in consultation with Academic Advisor) 3
TBD Approved Business course – Please discuss with Academic Advisor. 3

Required Specialized Program Courses   12–21 s.h.

Choose from the following options.

Course # Course Title s.h.
ENGR 10513 Revewable Energy: Photovoltaics and Energy Harvesting 3
ME 10501 Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation 3
ME 10505 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 3
ME 10506 Computational Materials Science 3
ME 10511 Combustion 3
ME 10512 Rocket Propulsion 3
ME 10514 Energy Conversion Systems 3
ME 10521 Gas Dynamics 3
ME 10522 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
ME 10541 Advanced Mechanism Design 3
ME 10542 Advanced Mechatronics 3
ME 10544 Automotive Engineering 3
ME 10550 Advanced Solid Mechanics 3
ME 10551 Mechanics Continuous Media 3
ME 10552 Structural Acoustics 3
ME 10553 Analytical Dynamics 3
ME 10554 Elastic Stability of Structures 3
ME 10570 Principles in Biomechanics 3
ME 10571 Principles of Biotransport 3

Required Thesis/Project Courses   6–9 s.h.

Course # Course Title s.h.
ENGR 01599 Masters Research 6-9

Total Required Credits for the Program   30 s.h.