Certificate of Undergraduate Studies

A Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours, of which, no more than two (2) courses may be also used to satisfy graduation requirements towards a major. Mechanical Engineering students interested in the Certificate of Undergraduate Studies can sign up at the beginning of each semester via a link that Prof. Amadoro sends out in an email. Students should be in their Junior or Senior year of the program when they sign up. The Certificate of Undergraduate Studies will then be added to the student's profile. Students who are not Mechanical Engineering majors can email Prof. Amadoro at The Mechanical Engineering Department offers CUGS in the following areas:

CUGS in Aerospace Engineering

The total number of credits for this CUGS is 12 credits consisting of four (4) courses from the list below. These courses currently serve as Senior Electives in the Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Departments. Students pursuing the CUGS must take at least two of the approved courses (6 credits) in addition to their normal Senior Elective requirement.

ME Courses:

  • ME 10.405 Special Topics - Flight Mechanics (3 cr)
  • ME 10.405 Special Topics - Aerospace Propulsion (3 cr)
  • ME 10.411 Combustion (3 cr)
  • ME 10.446 Automotive Engineering 3 - Vehicle Dynamics (3 cr)
  • ME 10.453 Analytical Dynamics (3 cr)

ECE Courses:

  • ECE 09.402 Special Topics - Rocketronics (3 cr)
  • ECE 09.423 Radar Systems (3 cr)
  • ECE 09.425 Command and Control (3 cr)
  • ECE 09.456 Embedded Software Design (3 cr)

CUGS in Advanced Manufacturing

The total number of credits for this CUGS is 13 credits consisting of four (4) courses. The first three courses are offered on Rowan main campus:

  • ENGR 01.283 Materials Science and Manufacturing (3 cr)
  • ME 10.324 Quality and Reliability (3 cr)
  • ME 10.440 Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing (3 cr)

and then one manufacturing course at Camden County College CIM Center:

  • CIM 221 CNC Programming and CAM (4 cr)