Suggested Minors for ME Students

Minors provide a focused area of study constituting 18 to 29 credit hours of lower- and upper-level undergraduate courses. A minor represents a coherent area of study associated with, or drawn from, a major or discipline. ME students can choose from a wide variety of disciplines that offer a Minor option. However, getting a Minor in certain disciplines is easier than others, because some of the courses required by the ME curriculum can be counted towards the Minor in those disciplines. The most popular Minor options for ME students are:

Since departments can change the Minor requirements at any time, please contact the sponsoring department and talk to an advisor in that department before you pursue a Minor.

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General information on engineering minors

Minor in Mechanical Engineering

The Minor in Mechanical Engineering requires 19-22 credit hours of coursework. Of these, 7 cr are required courses, and the student selects courses for the remaining 12-15 cr. A student must take a minimum of two courses (6 cr) beyond the requirements for his/her major degree program or CUGS.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires approval of the ME Department Head or Undergraduate Coordinator. Approval is contingent upon completion of Calculus I, II and III, and Introductory Mechanics, recommendation from major advisor, and space available in the program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for admission into the ME Minor, but this minimum GPA may be raised as space limitations dictate.

To Apply

To apply, complete the Google form linked here: https://tinyurl.com/apply-engrminor. Application deadlines are listed below:

For Fall admission: November 2 - April 1
For Spring admission: April 2 – November 1 

Graduation Requirements

Non-engineering majors enrolled in the ME minor must complete the following mathematics courses:

  • Calc I (MATH 01.130), Calc II (MATH 01.131), Calc III (MATH 01.230)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 01.210), Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 01.231).

Required and Elective Courses

Students may select any four courses from the list of Elective Courses or they may select courses to strengthen a particular area of interest (Thermal-Fluid Science; Mechanical Systems; Structures, Materials, Manufacturing).

Required Courses: 7 credit hours
2 cr ENGR 01.271 Statics
2 cr ENGR 01.291 Dynamics
3 cr ENGR 01.273 Strength of Materials

Elective Courses: 12-15 credit hours (Choose any four of the following 9 courses)
3 cr ENGR 01.283 Materials Science and Manufacturing
3 cr ENGR 01.410 Finite Element Analysis
4 cr ME 10.301 Machine Design
4 cr ME 10.310 Intro Thermal-Fluid Sciences
3 cr ME 10.330 Fluid Mechanics for ME
3 cr ME 10.335 Heat Transfer for ME
3 cr ME 10.342 Quality & Reliability
4 cr ME 10.345 Dynamic Systems & Control
3 cr ME/ENGR 4xx ME/ENGR Elective Course