CEE Awards

CEE Awards

CEE Department Awards

The CEE department recognizes students annually for demonstrating excellence in academics, teamwork, leadership and community service.  Award recipients are selected by the faculty while some are open via nominations.

CEE students (all ranks) can apply for the following awards.  Students can self-nominate or be nominated by a peer. If applying for multiple awards, a separate nomination must be submitted for each award.

Please submit a 300 word nomination to Dr. Kauser Jahan (jahan@rowan.edu).

All nominations are due on March 18.

Awards recipients will be notified by April 1, and recognized at the annual CEE Awards Program.

Outstanding First Year, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Award- This award recognizes a well-rounded student who demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership, and service.

Outstanding Transfer Student Award- This award recognizes a well-rounded transfer student who demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership, and service. The student must have completed two semesters at Rowan University to qualify for the award.

Outstanding Mentor Award- A CEE student who is active in mentoring others to be successful in STEM 

CEE Humanitarian Award – A CEE student involved in outstanding humanitarian work

Diversity Champion Award – A CEE student who champions diversity

Courage Under Adversity Award - A CEE Student who is successful under acute personal hardship

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award - A CEE Student/Students who demonstrate outstanding research in a project

Outstanding Service to the CEE Department Award – A CEE student(s) who demonstrate (s) outstanding service to the CEE department

Outstanding Service to the Community Award - A CEE student who provides outstanding service to a community (local, national or international)

Outstanding Extra-curricular Activity Award – This award recognizes individuals who are engaged in an extracurricular program (performing arts, athletics, etc) and are still able to maintain a 3.0 GPA in their CEE core courses

Outstanding CEE Alumni Award - This award recognizes CEE alumni who are highly successful in professional practice and community service (5 years out; 10 years out, 15 years out)

Faculty Selected Awards 

The following awards are nominated and selected by CEE faculty.

Highest GPA Award - Juniors and Seniors

Best Clinic Project Award - This is awarded to a clinic team that has made significant contributions to their project

Robert Anthony Dusseau Memorial Scholarship - The Robert Anthony Dusseau Memorial Scholarship consists of one $500 award per academic year that is presented to a deserving transfer student with a high GPA in their first one or two semesters at Rowan University. Please contact Dr. Ralph Alan Dusseau for more information.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award - This award recognizes a graduate student (MS or PhD) who demonstrates excellence in academics, scholarship, and service.

Ralph A. Dusseau Medallion Award- The criteria for this Medallion award for a CEE senior are as follows 
1. Determination and ability to overcome obstacles.
2. GPA
3. Service

JRC Medallion Award - The criterial for this Medallion award for a CEE senior are as follows:

  1. Excellence in academics
  2. Interest in Public Policy and Global Affairs
  3. Outstanding Service

Y. Mehta Excellence in Graduate Studies Medallion Award

Excellence in Graduate Studies in Civil Engineering is awarded to a graduating graduate student each year. The student MUST be graduating in May, the upcoming summer, or past December.

• Leadership / independent work on graduate project(s)
• Creativity in research pursuits
• Quantifiable scholarly outputs (e.g. co-authorship of journal papers, conference presentations, corporate seminars)
• Mentorship of undergraduate clinic and/ or summer students, and other graduate students.
• Positive team dynamics in research group
• Student must be in “good standing” according to current University policy

ASCE Service Awards - To all officers from graduating class and officers currently holding positions in Spring 2022