Our curriculum was designed with help from a prestigious group of engineering educators. We've continued to update it to provide our students the best education possible. Perhaps the most innovative part of the curriculum is the clinics, in which students get hands-on and real-world experience.

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Minimum Grade Requirements

Students are required to obtain a C- or better in Calc I, Calc II, Calc III & MEA I.

The table below shows additional courses that must be passed with a grade of C- or better (first column) in order to take subsequent courses (second column), for students entering Fall 2007 or later.

Prerequisite Course

Course(s) affected

Chemistry I (06.100)

Environmental Engineering I (08.311);

Sustainable Civ/Env Engineering (08.312)

Fluid Mechanics (01.341)

Water Resources Engineering (08.342)

Solid Mechanics (01.272)

Civil Engineering Materials (08.301); Structural Analysis and Design (08.382); Geotechnical Engineering (08.351)

Geotechnical Engineering (08.351)

Foundation Engineering for Seniors (08.452); Earth Retaining Systems for Seniors (08.453)