Rowan Core Courses/General Education

Rowan Core Courses/General Education

Rowan Core Courses/General Education

Students admitted Fall 2018 and beyond will meet the Rowan Core requirements described below.

Click here for the Rowan Core Literacies Definitions, Learning Goals and Learning Outcomes.

Rowan Core

The Rowan Core is based on six literacies which are as follows:

  • Artistic Literacy
  • Global Literacy
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Communicative Literacy
  • Humanistic Literacy and
  • Scientific Literacy

Five of these literacies are already integrated in your CEE required coursework. CEE students must take a course that meets the Global Literacy (Attribute GLBL in section tally) requirement.

Rowan Experience - The Rowan Experience requirement consists of Rowan Seminar (RS), Writing Intensive (WI), and Broad-Based Literature (LIT). 

  • Rowan Seminar – fulfilled by Freshman Engineering Clinic I
  • Writing Intensive - fulfilled by Senior Engineering Clinic II
  • Broad-based Literature – fulfilled by an elective.

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General Education

Students admitted before Fall 2018 will meet the Gen Ed requirements described below.

Engineers have different general education (GEN ED) requirements from the rest of the University; you have four elective Gen Ed courses. Two must be history, humanities, or languages (HHL), one must be social and behavioral science (SBS) and one must be in the arts (ACE). Most CEE first-year students take Intro to Mapping, which is an SBS. Of those four GEN ED courses one must also be multicultural and global (M/G or MCUL) and one must also be literature intensive (LIT). It is possible to find a single course that is both M/G and LIT. While M/Gs are well distributed through the HHLs, SBSs and ARTs, LITs are concentrated mostly in HHLs.

To find courses with the attributes HHL, SBS, ACE, LIT, or MCUL (M/G) go to the Section Tally. After selecting the appropriate term, select an appropriate ATTRIBUTE field, click search, and scroll down the page. Selecting LIT or MCUL in the Attribute field will produce a smaller list of courses. Once you find a course you are interested in, click on the CRN link on the left to go to the "Class Schedule Listing" for the course. Look in the "Attributes:" list to see all of the course attributes. For example if you started looking up LIT courses, you might look to see if the selected course is an HHL. You can find prerequisites by clicking on the course title link near the top of the class schedule listing (which takes you to the "Detailed Class Information" page).

Introduction to Scientific Programming

Students with a good background in programming can substitute Computer Science & Programming (CS04.103) if desired.

Science Elective

You science elective must be one of three courses: Chemistry II (CHEM06.101), Intro to Elec/Mag (PHY02.201) or Intro to Thermodynamics (PHY02.210).