Useful Forms

Useful Forms

Useful Forms and Other Relevant Information for Current Students

Here are some forms and information that are often requested or asked by ECE students. If there is a form or information you would like to see on this page, please inform Dr. Polikar.

What Is on This Page

Registration Related Forms, Dates and Deadlines
Engineering Clinic and Clinic Consultant Forms
Senior Privilege / 4+1 Combined BS/MS in ECE Forms
Graduate Programs / Committee / Thesis / Dissertation Forms
ECE Resource Center
ECE Safety Training
Room Access and Poster Printing Request Forms


Registration Information

Click the buttons below for all important registration related forms, dates and deadlines 
Registration Adjustments - Drop/Add, or Withdraw

Registration Related Dates and Deadlines

Engineering Clinics and Clinic Consultant Forms

Use the following blue box for Junior / Senior Clinic only.  For Clinic Consultant, use the brown boxes below

J/S Engineering Clinic Report Cover

J/S Engineering Clinic Impact and Professional Considerations Statement (IPCS)

J/S Engineering Clinic - ECE Unified Assessment Rubric

Clinic Consultant Project Approval and Evaluation FormClinic Consultant Design and Impact Statement

Forms for Senior Privilege and 4+1 BS/MS in ECE Programs

Use the following form to request graduate course enrollment under senior privilege
Senior Privilege Registration Request Form 

Use this form to transfer graduate courses taken under senior privilege to your graduate degree program.
Senior Privilege Transfer Credit Request Form 

Use this form to apply to the 4+1 BS/MS in ECE Combined Advanced Degree Program (CADP). The best time to apply to this program is the second semester of your junior year.
4+1 BS/MS CADP Student Agreement and Confirmation Form 

Graduate Programs (M.S. and Ph.D.) Related Forms 

Thesis / Dissertation Committee Appointment Form
MS Thesis Approval Form
PhD Dissertation Approval Form
College of Engineering Thesis / Dissertation Approval Form

ECE Resource Center 

All shared resources, parts, supplies, cables, loaner equipment, and everything else you can possibly think of for building your ideas are available at the ECE Resource center. Stocking over a million different parts, chances are you will find what you need here. ECE Resource Center is staffed with our technologist, Mr. Karl Dyer, as well as student workers who are here to find you the part you need and answer any question you may have. To make it even easier to find what you need, visit the ECE Resource Center page where you can also see our  inventory and parts ordering form.

ECE Resource Center page (login needed)
Inventory and how to order parts and components (login required)

ECE Safety Training

Safety training is an essential - and required - component of keeping yourself and those who are working with you safe at all times. In order to use our labs, all ECE students need to complete the ECE Safety Training, which must be repeated annually. The ECE Safety Training is a self-paced, online training program that provides an in-depth overview of a broad spectrum of safety issues, concerns and best practices. When you complete the ECE Safety Training, you will receive a certificate. 

To access the training and testing materials for ECE please visit, you can sign in at the top right with your Rowan credentials. Next, review the directions and training materials posted in the "Safety Training" card. At a minimum, you must complete the General Training and the ECE Safety Training components, and then take the online ECE Safety Test with a score of 80% or higher. Please reach out to ECE Technician, Mr. Karl Dyer (copied)  if you have questions or experience any problems.

Safety Training and Testing

To complete the training:

  1. Visit or click the above link
  2. Sign in using your Rowan username in the top right
  3. Access "Safety Training" (book icon) and select General Training and later ECE Safety Training
  4. Follow the directions and links on the pages.
  5. Once you have completed the tests, you can view your certificate in the Trainings Tab (hard hat icon)



Room Access and Poster Printing Requests

To request room access in Engineering Hall, please fill out the following form. You will need to get the emergency phone number from the person who will approve your request.

Engineering Hall Room Access Request Form


To request printing a large format poster, please use the following form. Once you log in, you will choose the faculty advisor who will approve your request and then upload the file. The selected ECE faculty will receive an e-mail and will be able to review the request (and the file). Please complete these 48-72 hours before the date the poster is needed to give time faculty to review it. Once the faculty member approves it, the poster will be printed.

Large Format Poster Printing Request Form