Graduate Certificate Programs in ECE

Graduate Certificate Programs in ECE

Certificates of Graduate Studies (COGS) in ECE

The ECE program offers several graduate level certificate programs in emerging and exciting areas that lead to career opportunities.

COGS in Machine Learning

This program provides a fundametal foundation in classical and modern AI/ML approaches, prepare students for a career in machine learning and/or graduate programs.

COGS in Power Systems Engineering

This program puts the existing ECE expertise and newly developed power systems courses together in one package.

COGS in Combat Systems Engineering

In collaboration with Lockheed Martin Company, ECE is offering this truly one-of-a-kind in the nation program.

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COGS in Cybersecurity Engineering

The program is designed to provide the students with skills, knowledge & experience in addressing primarily hardware & engineering aspects of cybersecurity.

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COGS in Wind Energy

This CUGS in Wind Energy is designed to provide a breadth and depth to students who want to specialize in wind energy systems and prepare them for a career in the wind energy industry.