Graduate Courses in ECE

Graduate Courses in ECE

Courses Available in the ECE Graduate Programs

The following courses are available in the ECE graduate programs

ECE 09.504: Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 09.509: Virtual Reality Systems
ECE 09.521: Fundamentals in Systems Engineering
ECE 09.523: Advanced Radar Systems
ECE 09.524: Advanced War Gaming and C4ISR 
ECE 09.525: Advanced Command and Control
ECE 09.526: Advanced Weapon Systems
ECE 09.551: Digital Signal Processing
ECE 09.552: Digital Image Processing
ECE 09.553: Digital Speech Processing
ECE 09.554: Theory and Engineering Application of Wavelets
ECE 09.555: Advanced Topics in Pattern Recognition / Machine Learning
ECE 09.556: Advanced Embedded Software Design
ECE 09.560: Artificial Neural Networks
ECE 09.566: Advanced Topics in Systems, Devices, and Algorithms in Bioinformatics
ECE 09.568: Discrete Event Systems
ECE 09.569: System-on-Chip Verification
ECE 09.571: Instrumentation
ECE 09.572: Advanced Smart Grid
ECE 09.573: Advanced Smart Sensors
ECE 09.582: Memristors and Nanoelectronic VLSI
ECE 09.585: Advanced Engineering Cyber Security
ECE 09.586: Advanced Portable Platform Development
ECE 09.590: Advanced Emerging Topics in Computer Engineering
ECE 09.595: Advanced Emerging Topics in Comp. Intelligence & Machine Learning
ECE 09.651: Estimation and Detection Theory
ECE 09.655: Advanced Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
ENGR 01.510: Finite Element Analysis
ENGR 01.511: Engineering Optimization
ENGR 01.598: Master's Research Continuation
ENGR 01.599: Master’s Thesis Research
ENGR 01.700: What is Next in Engineering: Graduate Seminar
ENGR 01.701: Effective Teaching in Academic, Corporate, and Government Settings
ENGR 01.702: Strategic Technical Writing and Winning Grant Proposals
ENGR 01.798: Doctoral Research Continuation
ENGR 01.799: Doctoral Research and Dissertation

Coming soon: Optical Communications, Internet of Things

Not all classes are offered every year, whereas additional classes are taught every semester as special and emerging topics under the ECE 09.504 course number. 

◊ ECE 09.504 series constitute the Emerging Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering sequence. These classes can be taken multiple times when approved by the advisor. Multiple sections of this course are offered during each semester with different content on emerging topics. The following courses have recently been taught in this class

  • Computer Networks
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Virtual Reality
  • Nanotechnology
  • DSP Architectures
  • RF Design
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Microwave systems
  • Smart satellites
  • Internet of Things


These four courses are also part of the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Combat Systems Engineering (CSE), as well as the MS in Engineering Management with specialization in Combat Systems Engineering. The CSE programs are designed and delivered in cooperation with Lockheed Martin Corporation.