Co-op Programs

Co-op Programs

Co-op Programs in ECE

Rowan ECE offers optional 6-9 month co-op programs while still allowing you to graduate in four years. 

Our co-op program is optional and open to qualified and interested students. The co-op program allows you to work full time at one of our industrial partners during the summer between your junior and senior years, and continue for the Fall semester of your senior year. Currently, we have three co-op programs with Atlantic City Electric (Atlantic City, NJ), Lockheed Martin (Moorestown, NJ) and NAVSEA (Philadelphia, PA - starting in 2024/2025).  Students participating in one of these programs (and only these programs) receive up to 6 credits for the co-op work done (see below). At this time, only these three co-op experiences qualify for credits, but we are working on establishing partnerships with other companies to expand our co-op offerings. A legal agreement that establishes the fundamental guidelines of the co-op between Rowan University and the company offering the co-op is required for Rowan University to award credit.

The co-op program is intended for the Fall semester of your senior year (as that is when you have the most knowledge, skills and experience). There are two required ECE major courses that are normally taken in the Fall semester of the senior year: ECE 09.414 Very Large Scale Integrated Design and ECE 09.433 Electrical Communication Systems. We offer these two courses both in Fall and Spring so that co-op students can take them in Spring semester. There are also (at least) two senior level technical electives and other courses normally taken during the Fall semester of your senior year. By taking these elective classes in the evenings during the Fall semester, taking some of the Rowan Core general education classes at other times, and awarding credit for the co-op experience, we provide a path to complete your co-op and your BS in ECE degree requirements in four years. 

Note that each of these co-op programs are associated with a specific certificate program and/or course requirements. Students in the Lockheed Martin co-op program participate in the Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in Combat Systems Engineering - CSE (and take the four courses that make up the CSE CUGS). Students in the Atlantic City Electric co-op participate in the Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in Power Systems Engineering - PSE (and take the four courses that make up the CSE CUGS). Upon successful completion, students receive the respective certificate as well as their B.S. in ECE degree.

While co-op programs formally take place during the last summer + Fall of Senior year, students are encouraged to apply to these companies for their first and second summer internships.