Engineering Clinics

Engineering Clinics

Engineering Clinics: Hallmark of Rowan Engineering

The 8-semester, 22-credit Engineering Clinic sequence is the hallmark of the Rowan ECE program. This unique curricular structure provides a real-world multidisciplinary problem-solving and project experience that is much needed in today's engineering industry, yet sadly missing in most undergraduate engineering programs. Spread across all four years of the ECE curriculum, the Engineering Clinic sequence consists of First Year Engineering Clinic I and II, Sophomore Engineering Clinic I and II, Junior Engineering Clinic I and II, and Senior Engineering Clinic I & II.

For more information, about each of these clinics, please use the following links:

First Year Engineering Clinic I & II

Sophomore Engineering Clinic I & II

Junior & Senior Engineering Clinic I & II

Watch our first quadcopter's maiden flight. This quadcopter was built entirely from scratch by a student-initiated ECE clinic team.