About ECE

About ECE

About the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

Electrical and Computer Engineers (ECEs) have made some remarkable contributions to our world; we have pioneered the invention of smart phones, computers, smart grid, digital cameras, MP3-players, GPS systems, medical imaging devices, and computer games, just to name a few among seemingly countless technological innovations. As ECEs, we also play a crucial and indispensable role in the design of cars, airplanes, spacecraft, autonomous and even extraterrestrial vehicles, home appliances, bioinformatics, lifesaving medical equipment and so many other technologies that we have come to rely on.

A Combined Electrical & Computer Engineering Program

Once considered as distinctly different fields, electrical, electronics and computer engineering are now inseparable from each other due to complexity and scope of today’s challenges that rely on these areas. Therefore, at Rowan, we see Electrical and Computer Engineering as one well-integrated discipline. We believe that – to address tomorrow’s challenges – today’s engineers must be well-versed in both areas that were traditionally seen as separate fields. This is why we offer one of the few combined Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees available in the nation. Our ECE program is accredited as a combined program by ABET (the agency that accredits all engineering programs in the US and worldwide), indicating that the program meets the accreditation requirements of both electrical and computer engineering.

As a result, the Rowan ECE curriculum combines both electrical engineering topics such as electronics, control systems, digital signal processing, telecommunications, and energy as well as computer engineering topics such as computer hardware & software design, microprocessors and embedded systems.