Research Overview


Samuel Jones Hall at South Jersey Technology Park (above)– Home of many of the ECE research labs.

ECE Research Labs at Rowan Hall and South Jersey Technology Park

In addition to state-of-the-art teaching labs, the ECE department also maintains cutting-edge research labs. The best news, all of these labs are available to all undergraduate and graduate students through their clinic projects, course work or other research activities.

Our research facilities are located in Rowan Hall on our main campus (soon to move to the new Engineering Building) and at the South Jersey Technology Park. You can learn more about each lab under the Research tab on the navigation bar on the left or the links below.

In addition to ECE labs listed here, the College of Engineering also provides a wide array of laboratories and facilities available to all students. All engineering programs at Rowan promote and enable multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies. This is enabled not only by the college-wide Engineering Clinic sequence, but also facilities that are available to all engineering students. These facilities include a well-equipped machine shop with CNC equipment, welding shop, woodshop and other labs that provide manufacturing and fabrication capabilities.

Computational Intelligence & Machine Learning

Will computers ever be able to make intelligent decisions based on the currently available information and previously acquired experience and knowledge? We are far from it, but progress is being made.

Advanced Visualization and Virtual Reality

The Rowan Virtual Reality Lab in the South Jersey Technology Park features a room-sized CAVE®, virtual reality (VR) environment. Inside a group of users wear stereo glasses to visualize, navigate and interact with a 3-D virtual environment that is created using a combination of digital light processing projectors, an infra-red position tracking system, data gloves and associated computer hardware and software.

Signal & Speech Processing

It is one of the core fields of electrical engineering deals with developing algorithmic and mathematical techniques for intelligent processing of signal and images so that more relevant and reliable information can be extracted from them. Several application areas are researched at Rowan ECE.

Materials & Nanotechnology Lab

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Electronics & Bioinstrumentation

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Discrete Event Systems

DES is a rapidly growing engineering field as a result of computer revolution. DES are typically processes associated with the systems which are discrete (in time and space), asynchronous (event-driven rather than clock driven), and nondeterministic.

Complex Signals & Optimizations

Advances in Complex Systems Journal defines a complex system as “a system comprised of a (usually large) number of (usually strongly) interacting entities, processes, or agents, the understanding of which requires the development, or the use of, new scientific tools, nonlinear models, out-of equilibrium descriptions and computer simulations.

Integrated Nanoelectronic Systems

The biomedical field requires the use of electronic devices that are small enough to fit inside a human body. The study of memristors is opening new avenues for both nano electronics as well as space travel.

Smart Sensors & Center for Sustainable Design

Researching how to improve energy efficiency while also investigating the use of wind and solar energy to power our future electrical grid should make our society more sustainable and better equipped for the future.

Educational Research

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Tough Talk Graduate Seminar

ToughTalk is a weekly seminar, given by graduate or undergraduate students, as well as faculty and distinguished guests on their active research projects.

Integrated Nanoelectronic Systems

Dr. Shin is studying emerging technologies that deal with electronics on a very small level, allowing them to be placed inside the body for biomedical purposes. This requires the development of energy-efficient circuits and systems.